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The Ido Chronicles

Plenum : The First Book of Deo

Gratia : The Second Book of Deo

Intimis Cordis : The Third Book of Deo

Messioph : The First Book of Ido

Alien Ways : The Second Book of Ido

The System of Time : The Third Book of Ido

Vibrerge : The First Book of Uma

Shadowcasting : The Second Book of Uma

Detrox : The Third Book of Uma

Apprentice : The First Book of Eco

Maestro : The Second Book of Eco

Sentience Probe : The Third Book of Eco

Pinnacle : The First Book of Eng

Resurrection : The Second Book of Eng

Worldkiller : The Third Book of Eng

The Book of Extras


The One and Only

The Crux of Things

Third Testament


The Horde

The White Shadow Trilogy

Goodness in Small Doses (La bonté en petites doses)

Incarnations of Evil

White Shadows

Quantum Poetics

Wave Function


Pinnacle : A One Act Opera (including French translation)

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