6 March, 2021 : Preparations for the publication of Plenum are progressing. A whole team of people are working on different aspects of the process. This week, I will be sitting down with the publisher and their legal team to hash out the contract. It is a bit more complicated than just a contract between publisher and author, however. The launch of Plenum is being used as a first initiative for the Cosmos Coop, and the legal papers will need to reflect also the nature and structure of the coop. The basic principles were worked out some time ago, but their embedding within the legal papers requires additional thought and effort. As a result of these exchanges, the publication date for Plenum will likely slip into April. A decision was also taken to separate the fashion event from the book launch. Because the fashions incorporate augmented reality technologies, they lose a lot of their "punch" if everything goes virtual, so we would prefer to do the fashion show event in front of a live audience. We are going to defer that event, therefore, until it is safe to do in front of a audience, and use it, instead, as a "booster event" to promote Plenum a few months after it launches.


27 January, 2021 : News about the publication of Plenum : The First Book of Deo - Publication is now scheduled for late March, 2021, with layout, proofreading and printing being set up and ongoing discussions for marketing. The possibility to pre-order the book will be made available by mid-February. Details for the fashion show PlenumAR are also being finalized. Due to COVID19 restrictions, the fashion show will be pre-recorded and presented during a livestreamed book launch, date still to be finalized.

20 January, 2021 : Interview with Suma Gowda - we talk about physics and the cosmos, the nature of consciousness, spirituality, and discuss several of my book manuscripts, and in particular one called Third Testament