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Plenum : The First Book of Deo - A Coming-of-Age Space Opera

Volume 1 of The Ido Chronicles - A Science Fiction Far Future Saga

Published by Untimely Books, Boulder, Colorado

N.B. Ordering information will be available shortly, including pre-order.

About the book : Vanu is a novice in the Kinship of the Suffering God, a religious community whose mandate is to seed new stars within a stellar nursery. Vanu feels confused about the neutral gender zhe has been assigned, and is also conflicted in hir relationships, especially with hir own sibs. An encounter with an exotic outsider stirs up a storm of conflicts within the usually quiet community. Vanu discovers that the authoritarian culture of the Kinship has deeply troubling flaws. In protest, zhe and hir sibs are drawn towards a dramatic resolution deep within the fires of a star, with consequences that could stretch across the decades and centuries to come. Buy Plenum : The First Book of Deo to follow Vanu’s coming-of-age story in this unusual space opera.

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