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Fashion Design

gzip dresses (2011)

Infinity corsets (2015)

gzip_fourvariants copy.jpg

April 2022 : Exclusive - The Plenum à La Mode Fashion Event


This fashion show event, held April 23, 2022, served as a promotion vehicle for Plenum : The First Book of Deo, the first of book of The Ido Chronicles. The fashion show featured a set of belts that can be worn by either men or women and which serve as anchors for virtual elements described in the science fiction world of Plenum, viewed via a smart phone or tablet device. The event was livestreamed and recorded for later rediffusion. Here is a short promotional video that showcases the event. For access to a longer video containing more explanations for how the event was organized, please become a member of the site and view the extended video segment on the Exclusive Content page. 

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