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About the Ido Sigil











The Ido Sigil consists of five distinct sigils, one for each of the five Ido factions (IdoFaxes). However, the sigils are designed so that they can be combined in any set of combinations including all five. The latter combination is called the Ido Sigil. In their order of appearance on this page :


- the EngFax sigil consists of a red platform, symbolizing the artificial constructions that are technology - EngFax is the faction of those who see the future of humanity as technologically-determined; 

- the UmaFax sigil, a blue human hand in an open configuration, represents the creative, humanistic vision of humanity's future promoted by the artists ;

- the EcoFax sigil shows a green vine-like plant, which stands for the faction that views all human development as ecosystemic in nature ;

- the DeoFax sigil focuses on the open-ended nature of the cosmos shown by a collection of orange-yellow stars passing beyond the boundary of the cosmos. This represents of the idea that humanity's future must be organized as a quest for the Divine in Emergence ;

- the IdoFax sigil seeks to recast the yin-yang symbol as an open gray crescent - it represents the faction that views human growth as an exercise in paradox management.

The Ido Sigil, consisting of all five individual sigils combined together, recognizes that human growth and development requires multiple perspectives. It presents therefore an integral vision of the future of humanity.


Artwork by Ernesto Morales

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