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Messioph : The First Book of Ido - A Nomadic Space Opera 

Volume 2, Book 1 of The Ido Chronicles - A Science Fiction Far Future Saga

To be published by Untimely Books, Boulder, Colorado

About the book : Catastrophe strikes just as Grolier Desius and his brother are headed out-cluster, aboard one of the jonahs, living star ships whose ancestors swam the seas of Old Earth. In his efforts to determine what happened, Grolier discovers uncomfortable truths about his own family. He also learns, however, that the instigator of the violence has additional plans that could threaten the entire Messioph community. Can he stop their actions in time? And what is the relationship between these events and the jonahs? Finally, what are the limits of his field of action? His choices may have dramatic consequences not only for the local community, but also for all of humanity and its relationship with the jonahs. Read Messioph : The First Book of Ido to follow Grolier in his pursuit of answers in this tale of vengeance and moral outrage.

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