Pinnacle - A One Act Participatory Opera

Pinnacle is a short participatory virtual opera based on the story portrayed in Pinnacle : The First Book of Eng within The Ido Chronicles. The opera was obviously the result of the work of a whole team of people, listed below. The opera as performed includes both live and virtual elements - the trailer only shows the virtual aspects of the production. 

The virtual environment shown is the floating city of Orr Enclave, located high in the atmosphere of the planet Pinnacle, and is the setting for most of the action that takes place in Pinnacle : The First Book of Eng


Production Team

 Libretto and Scenario : Geoffrey Edwards

 Music for the bullies' scene : Serge Lacasse

 Rest of the music : Jocelyne Kiss

 Choreography for the dances : Coralee McLaren

 Design for the staging : Ernesto Morales, Antoine Guérette

 3D Design : Geoffrey Edwards, Ernesto Morales, Jonathan Proulx Guimond, Juan Nino Falcon, Antoine Guérette, Alicia Lamontagne

 Avatar design : Juan Nino Falcon, Jonathan Proulx Guimond

 Avatar animation : Juan Nino Falcon, Jocelyne Kiss

 Lyrical singing : Jocelyne Kiss, Serge Lacasse, Sophie Stévance

 Spoken text : Geoffrey Edwards

 Sound engineer : André Dorval

 Video editing : Geoffrey Ewards

 Subtitles : Geoffrey Edwards

Paper describing the production process :