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The Ido Compendium

The Ido Chronicles takes place within a detailed future history. The Ido Compendium is the name given to the set of documents that specify, describe or comment on aspects of this future history. Here is a list of the relevant documents :

- The Companion Book of Habitats : a description of the main habitats that form the settings of the Chronicles ;

- The Book of Co-Adapted Ecosystems : human habitats incorporate ecosystems that have been modified to function under a range of extreme conditions ;

- The Complete Catalogue of Binach : each epoch was characterised by additional innovations in binach. The catalogue describes these additions and their intended functionalities ;

Notes from the Ursagen Institute : a set of short essays describing the history and social structure of the Humanitat at the time the events recounted in the Ido Chronicles ;

Notes on the Game of Ido and the Crucium Institute : a description of the Game and the institution that supports it ;

Glossary : A full list of specialized terms used in The Ido Chronicles

- Articles that present the IdoWorld to 21st century readers:

      Star Gardening

      Tempo-A Technology to Slow Time

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