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Invitation to Discussion Groups

There has been a lot of interest in several of the themes that are present in my book Plenum: The First Book of Deo, and I have already had requests to take part in Q and A sessions, or discussions. For example, I read an excerpt that focused on the specifics of gender, and how gender plays into the broader issues of sexuality and spirituality within the book, and engaged in an online discussion with a group of creative writing students in Colorado Springs. I have also been approached by a group of Quakers in Kentucky who are intrigued by the way the book deals with religion and spirituality and who will be reading the book as a group. If you might be interested in my participating in such a group, please contact my publisher at There will also be a signup page for such events on the publisher's website at We don't guarantee that we will accept all such requests but in general, are open to supporting discussion of the book and the issues it raises.

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