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Tales from the Humanitat - An Online Co-creation Environment

As a complement to our development of a participatory opera, we have developed an online environment to facilitate co-creation in relation to the opera as well as to provide access to the universe portrayed in the novels of The Ido Chronicles and related products. The idea is both to engage with a broader public than can be reached with the opera itself to participate in the enrichment of the existing opera and in the development of new opera, and also to deepen the experience of the opera itself. 

The setting : The opera takes place on a "stage" located partway down the side of the near cubic airborne city called the Orr Enclave. For the online environment, we developed four "stations" within the part of the city that sits on the top of the cube. Within each station, the user may access a different element of co-creation - lyrical harmony (the Concourse), dance choreography (the Monument), interaction with another species (the Algora) and scenario (the Portal). Furthermore, each station is connected to the others by means of a transport system of "threaders" - spindle-shaped vehicles that move through dedicated tubes. 

The game : In order to encourage users to engage with the environment, we implemented a small game. At each station, the user must engage in a certain number of activities of co-creation. When these are completed, the user gains access to a medallion that he or she must place in one of the slots dedicated to this end in the transport station. Once all five medallions are collected and placed, this liberates a special animation and delivers a final event to the user. 

There are two versions of the environment : (a) a spatially limited version accessible directly via a web interface ; and (b) full access to the co-creation environment via a specialized application which must be downloaded (Windows only). The limited access version can be accessed simply by clicking on the web link below on the left. The version uses the same server as the full application, but the rendering engine is limited and so access is provided only to a small region of the interactive world. Full access to the Tales from the Humanitat environment is provided if you download the associated app - click on the button at the right below to initiate the download. Note that the app is currently only PC-compatible. 

Presentation video for the online co-creation site, Tales From The Humanitat

Tales from the Humanitat - limited access to the co-creation environment via web browser


Coming soon!

Access Web version

Tales from the Humanitat : Specialized app providing full access to the co-creation environment


Coming soon!

Access Web version
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