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Developing Illustrations for the White Shadow Trilogy

After doing several illustrations for the Chronicles - I haven't stopped, but I like to work on several projects at once (!) - I have begun doing some illustrations for the White Shadow Trilogy. So far, I've done two. My drawing of people is still a bit rudimentary, so I have focussed on places instead, but I think I may venture into something a bit more challenging soon. Still, I think these give some sense of place, and perhaps also of the narrator's perceptions of place...

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22 de mar. de 2019

This artistry holds potential as it pedals forth, unfolding in petal-like movement. Drawing people can be challenging. I would suggest (as one without any professional experience, mind you!) saving an alternate version of these landscapes and add in small bodies at first...or bravely pursue the details of a face!

Check out a couple drawings I shared on Infinite Conversations on this post:

I would love to collaborate with you as dual amateurs-in-virtual-art-crime!

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