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Natashquan and the Three Day Novel

On a last minute impulse, I decided to get away from Quebec and drive along the North Shore all the way to Natashquan, a two-day trip, over 1000 kilometers. I have never been, but always wanted to come. It’s very small - a handful of houses, two, or maybe three restaurants, a school, a garage, and not much else, but it’s very pretty.

I took advantage of being relaxed at the Cafe Echouerie yesterday (see below) to write out an outline and some character sketches for my upcoming three day novel project. I’m going to develop a novel that takes place at various locations along the Saint Lawrence, beginning in Natashquan in the period before the road was completed (the 1970s). It’s always a bit nerve racking in the period leading up to labour day weekend, given the three day marathon of writing that takes place at that time.

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