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On Becoming a Full Time Writer

This week I submitted my formal intention to retire from the university - on September 1st, 2019, I will be officially retired. But of course, what that means is that, as of September 1st, I will be officially a Full Time Writer! That is a major step forward, a major commitment towards bringing my writing into fruition and getting it out there! I am so excited! My upcoming residency at Triopetra on Crete (in five days!) is a stepping stone (or three, since triopetra means "three stones"), and then in the fall I will be fully engaged, following in the footsteps of my friend Mary Thaler, who quit her science job a year ago.

Triopetra (three rocks or stones), Crete

The writing has been going slowly over the spring, with time commitments from work that spill over into my writing time, but also because I am re-thinking one of the five trilogies that make up my 15-book saga, The Ido Chronicles. I am trying to give the central story of the quintet a stronger, more targeted and ultimately greatly enriched focus, but this cannot be done quickly. I have also been doing prep work for my upcoming residency.

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Super cool Geoff, and wishing you a wonderful writing trip to Crete!

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