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Quantum and Field Poetics

Along with collaborators Heather Fester and Marco Morelli, we presented a set of three talks at the recent Gebser conference (48th Annual Gebser Conference) in Boulder, Colorado, on "Multidimensionality and Aperspectivity of Quantum and Field Poetics". Here is the video recording of that presentation :

During the presentation, I spoke not only about Quantum Field Poetics, including a description of what it is, but also read an excerpt from the Chronicles (from Intimis Cordis : The Third Book of Deo) and from Third Testament in the Book of Extras. These readings allowed the two fields to come together, that is, the emerging field of work on quantum field poetics and the field of my writings within the Ido Chronicles.

The conference presentations were successful, and are also serving as a springboard to develop a somewhat distinct text that will be submitted to the Mutations Anthology currently under preparation, under the editorial oversight of Jeremy Johnson, president of the Gebser Society.

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