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The Year for Publishing!

It may be wishful thinking, still, but I am planning, by hook or by crook (literally, maybe!), to get at least one of my novels into print this year. Hopefully Plenum, via Untimely Books, and if not, then maybe Third Testament, as an indie publication via Kindle. Maybe both! Not to mention River of Sighs as a hopeful... I always feel slightly ashamed when I tell people that I have 24 books in progress... it sounds absurd. But of course, only a few of them are actually publication ready, or nearly so!

Image from River of Sighs - Youth Hostel at Natashquan

At least I am no longer tied to the university as a full-time professor. I have some ongoing work there, and I've taken on some consulting work with my brother, Cliff, via his Vancouver firm, Envisioning Labs, but none of this should be as consuming as was my university career, especially with the additional teaching tasks I took on in the last few years. When I get up in the morning, I get to work on my writing for the first 4 to 5 hours, before allowing myself to do anything else! This moves the writing along at great speed! Since September, I have finished two manuscripts (Plenum, and River of Sighs), and am working on finishing up two more (Third Testament, and Messioph). The priority is to get some of these into print before I start developing new books (easier said than done!).

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