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Writer's Residency on Crete

I have been accepted for a Writer's Residency on the island of Crete! Timing is flexible, so I am proposing a two week stay at the beginning of May. The residency is at a resort called the Three Rock Resort, and is organized by Eyelands, a Greek publishing house. I have received what they call a "half stipend", so the cost of the resort is reduced by 50%, making the two week stay very inexpensive. I am one of 19 writers who have been accepted, although many will be staying at other parts of the year. I proposed to work on "These White Shadows", the third part of my wartime trilogy. The short piece I am currently doing on the Jungian therapeutic relationship is shaping up to be a kind of introduction to that text, since it mixes several fictions with real autobiographical material and deals with repercussions of traumatic experiences in the previous generation.

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Well that's going to be fun! Congrats.

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