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Montreal, Quebec

Marie Louise Bourbeau

Marie Louise has worked as a lyrical singer, coach and research collaborator. She has worked all over the world, including Zurich, Vienna, Hamburg, Lyon, London, Madrid, Toronto, Tokyo, Montreal and Quebec City. Marie Louise is one of my first readers and we have co-published many papers together.

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Quebec, Quebec

Jocelyne Kiss

University professor. Specialties: Digital arts, somesthesia & virtual reality, Computer music,affective computer, animation. Jocelyne has been a close collaborator on the participatory opera and the online co-creation environment.

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Colarado Springs, Colorado

Heather Fester

Heather holds a Ph.D. in Rhetoric and Writing from Bowling Green State University and an MFA from Naropa University in Boulder. Her interests include liberatory and contemplative pedagogies, different ways of knowing/reading/writing, and multimodal composition. Heather and I have been working on the development of Quantum Poetics.

to be determined

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Quebec, Quebec

Ernesto Morales

Assistant professor at the Department of rehabilitation at the Université Laval, with a background in architecture and industrial design in Mexico, and a PhD in Design from the University of Montreal, Ernesto is interested in improving and conceiving accessible design solutions in domestic, clinical and urban environments. Ernesto participated in the participatory opera project.

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Toronto, Ontario

Coralee McLaren

Before pursuing her studies in nursing (PhD, 2014), Cora played a pivotal role in the celebrated dance troupe Toronto Dance Theatre. She now studies the relationship between disabled and non-disabled children’s movement and the physical environment. Cora was the choreographer for our participatory opera and her dances are also used in the online co-creation environment.

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Quebec, Quebec

Mary Thaler

A writer (and a microbial ecologist) living in Québec City. Most of her work has appeared in small literary journals, in print and online. Mary and I have collaborated on a number of writing projects.

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Quebec, Quebec

Juan Nino Falcon

A talented engineer, craftsman and an artist as well, Juan has provided his know-how and expertise in support of many projects, including the participatory opera and the co-creation environments. Here he is shown with regard to an augmented reality project.

to be determined

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Longmont, Colorado

Marco Morelli

Founder of the Infinite Conversations site, the Metapsychosis magazine and the Cosmos Cooperative, Marco is a visionary thinker, writer and organiser. He is also a poet, and he has been collaborating with Heather Fester and myself on the Quantum Poetics project.

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Quebec, Quebec

Myriam Reiss de Palmer

The drive behind the local Quebec organisation called La Main Bleue, Myriam is a humanitarian from her bones on outwards. She is engaged with diverse groups of people on the margins of contemporary society and provides a multitude of ways for enhancing day to day life.

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Quebec, Quebec

Afnen Arfaoui

When she first came to study with me, although trained as an engineer, she wanted to do something "less mathematical", even more "spiritual". Afnen ended up working on the development of immersive installations for people with disability, a focus which combines the best of both worlds.

to be determined

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Quebec, Quebec

Jonathan Proulx Guimond

The talented artist who developed the "look and feel" of the interactive online environment, Tales from the Humanitat

to be determined

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Montréal, Quebec

Emiliano Morales

Son of Ernesto Morales, Emiliano developed this wonderful image for the cover of one of the 15 books that make up the Ido Chronicles.

to be determined

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